MBA essay is your best shot ...

Writing MBA essays, people often forget that these papers are actually being read and that they are a big part of the ‘accepted or declined’ decision. Admissions surely care about the scores you have, but they are more interested why you want to be the parts of the program and if it will help you on the way to your goals anyhow. An MBA essay is your best shot when it comes to conveying who you are and why you belong in the business school. It is your chance to put a face on the resume, and show yourself from a more personal side.

  • Know what the admissions are expecting. If you apply to MBA program, you need to be a leader and prove that you are the one. However, do not forget that businesses are about working in a team, and you should also convey that you are able to join force with others for the best results.
  • Be careful with bragging. You should definitely state why you are great for the school and what makes you a special candidate, but do not look like you are going to rip throats to get what you want. Be great, not better than everyone who has ever applied.
  • Tell the admissions why you think you fit the school, and use examples or evidence to do it.
  • Schools want hard working students, but they also need the passionate ones. Show your enthusiasm and the way it will help you in the classes.
  • If you are not the average MBA candidate, and no person has ever expected you to take the ‘business school’ path, play it off in the essay.
  • Show that you are a real person who enjoys certain things outside the work and studies, and communicate how these things help you reach your goals in life.
  • Forget about the good old years. It is great that you loved the school and has been a local leader. But that is not enough for the admissions, and it is rather something not to mention than to brag about.
  • Answer the prompt question, if there is any. Follow the rules you have been asked to conform to not to irritate the officers.
  • Look confident. Admissions want to see that you have a life plan, and their school is a part of it. Show that you know what you want, and you will work hard to achieve it.
  • Do not go off the limits. Once again, if there are certain rules, you are obliged to adhere to them.
  • Proofread. The essay that is full of errors shows that the writer does not care how he or she looks in the eyes of the officers. Be the one who cares, and review the paper qualitatively before the submission.
  • Show your professional and personal evolution. If you came from nowhere and got to the point where you have a lot and know what you want, let the officers know.
  • Make the essay personal. The main goal of the essay is to convey who you are, so make sure the essay is about YOU. People are often afraid to get too personal in such a formal piece as an MBA essay, and start discussing education system in the country or even major issues of the big scale. The essay is not a news feed, but a little life story you need to share, so do it.