November 23, 2016


What would be the best way to end bullying in your school?

Bullying is a very common and unavoidable part of my school’s system. There are different forms of bullying in the school, which includes emotional, verbal, and physical assault that makes the victim frightened. However, no child in this school deserves to be bullied as it causes trauma, physical injuries, and frustration on victims. Parents should be at the forefront of educating their children on the repercussions that arise from bullying. It is the responsibility of the school administration to ensure that every student in the school is safe, and does not experience any form of bullying (Skrzypiec, 2013). This paper will discuss ways that the school administration can use to end bullying.


It is important to fist identify and assess the forms of bullying that are common in this school, which include hair-pulling, name-calling, intimidation, damaging processions, and verbal harassment. The school staff should engage the students and parents in setting up a task force or a safety committee to plan, evaluate, and implement the school’s bullying prevention. The school administration should also create rules and policies that will enable students to report any occurrence of bullying (Ringwalt, 2012). There is need for the school to have a system that has a better collection and dissemination of information concerning bullying. The school should also inculcate a culture of respect, tolerance, and acceptance. This can be done through the school’s website, staff meetings, newsletters, and setting up parents and students meetings to create a positive environment. Finally, the administration should educate the staff and students on the school policies and rules, which are geared towards ending bullying in the school.

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