November 23, 2016

Damage to the Environment

Pollution is said to be one factor that has caused great destruction to the environment. Extreme cases of water pollution, land contamination and damage to biodiversity are said to be the most destructive things to any given environment. A lot has been done trying to reduce the rate at which the environment is undergoing destruction. However, this has been done to cure the world of environmental destruction. This paper aims at discussing how environmental destruction determines the kind of life people living in a given society will live. Extremely destroyed environment will lead to poor standards of life while well-preserved environment will guarantee good standards of living (Miller, 2007).


An extremely destroyed environment lacks clean water, and this exposes people to waterborne diseases.  A sick nation will not grow economically hence a society lacking clean water will be forced into poverty because they cannot work to improve their standards of living. When greenhouses gasses are produced in large quantities, they are found to interfere with the ozone layer. Once the ozone layer gets depleted, global warming is experienced and in extreme cases acidic rains. Acidic rains will destroy vegetation, and this will mean people will lack a fresh environment and oxygen. A depleted ozone layer allows ultraviolet rays from the sun to infect people with skin cancer (Raven, 2006).

The case of destroying biodiversity as a result of some activities like mining may affect the infrastructure of a given society.  Any damage caused to biodiversity will affect the ecological structure of the affected environment (Que, 2003). This will affect both animals and human beings because no more land will be left for farming and this will affect the welfare of the affected community. All these factors indicate that destroying the environment is denying human beings the ability to live a good life, hence environment must be kept from any form of pollution.

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