August 30, 2016

The Day After Tomorrow: Impact of global warming on society

The Day After Tomorrow is a science film that shows the disaster, which has resulted from global warming. Global warming has become the most severe environmental predicament facing the world today. As people embrace industrialization and globalization, emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases have significantly increased affecting world temperatures (Haldar, 2011). As temperatures increases, the water level is rising from the melting of icebergs in the North Pole. Flooding has affected many people living near shores; many families have been displaced, and many people have lost their lives (Glantz, 2001).


Another impact of global warming is extreme weather patterns (Hardy, 2003). In the recent past, there have been reports of hurricanes, tornado, and severe storms. Scientists argue that more of these extreme climates are bound to rise in the future as human beings continue to emit high carbon dioxide. Global warming has adverse effects on agriculture due to soil and water acidity from acidic rains (Hardy, 2003). Thus, agriculture will be affected, and this might result in droughts in the future since the population is growing at alarming rate. Additionally, this film shows that global warming will have unpleasant effects on human health. High carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has affected the ozone layer, and harmful radiations have found their ways to earth surface causing terminal ailment like skin cancer among other health issues (Hardy, 2003).

In conclusion, global warming has affected the world in a negative way, and this is highly attributed to human actions. It high times people and their governments begun taking precaution to protect the environment because present mistakes will affect future generations’ sustainability, and survival.  Human beings should strive to cut down carbon emission, and other harmful gases to ensure that there is a better day after tomorrow.

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