September 7, 2016

Effects of Telecommunication on the Society

Telecommuting is a technology that has revolutionized businesses, governments, and other institutions in terms of facilitating a smooth and cost-effective mode of communication. One can only travel to attend a conference only when it is very necessary. Directors and senior management can now comfortably hold their meetings with the entire staff within their organizations via video. Telecommunication has, therefore, has several effects on the society, as it will be discussed in this paper.


To start with, telecommunication has a socio-cultural impact. In other words, it allows organizations to hire talents from all over the world. Workers can as well work in the world made possible by telecommuting. This has lots of social implications allowing the people to select careers and also make wise decisions on self-profiling (Basole, 2008).

Another effect is the creation of a favorable working environment for all. The disabled, women and the aged do not have to commute to office on daily basis. This allows a smooth working environment for all people in the society. In addition, it provides flexible working environments for all employees which further improves the morale of the employees. This means telecommuting can attract talent in the highly competitive job market (Basole, 2008).

Telecommunication also reduces employer’s expenses. An employer is relieved of the costs of building and rent. The employer can instead use the money to support other areas of the corporate allowing the business to have competitive advantages over its competitors.

Since telecommuting allows people to work from home, less resources such as gas for transportation will be used. This further reduces other adverse effects such as commuter congestion and carbon emissions. This creates a happier society faced with less challenges (Drake, 2003).

In conclusion, telecommuting is a technology that cannot be ignored in today’s operations of all organizations. The society has reaped a lot of benefits from the technology.

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