November 23, 2016

Essence of school diploma or college degree for success in today’s world


The high school diploma or college degree are fundamental to the today’s success, with the presentation of the career opportunities and changing nature of the employment positions in which the employers gains relatively more interest to the individual that have high levels of competency, skills and knowledge that are necessary for positional responsibilities and duties, additionally, the employers presumes that high levels of knowledge, skills, and competency are gained through the educational system that will improve the productivity of the employees given the opportunity to serve in various positions within the organization. It is absolutely right that the high school diploma or college degree are fundamental  to open the doors to work opportunities, place an individual in the more competitive position to secure job opportunity, increases the chances  of good income (financial success), acts as the pathways towards the college and advance career opportunities, personal growth and satisfaction (Kumar, 2008).

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Essence of high school diploma or college degree

Gateway to career, work, and education opportunities

The individuals pays close attention to work opportunities that offer moderate wages as well as high wages, the more attractive jobs with adequately sustainable compensation rates require more knowledge, skills and expertise that can only be gained through education, statistically, educated elites have show low unemployment rates as compared to the school dropouts that have suffered from the high rate of unemployment in the global markets. Additionally, individuals that have gained the high school diploma or college degree have higher abilities to secure the paying jobs and preferred by the companies that offer job opportunities. Conversely, high school diploma or college degree offers an opportunity to more careers, the high school diplomas or college degree tells the employers that one has the potentiality and ability to master basic concepts and thus, adding value to an individual to fit a position (In Dickert-Conlin & In Rubenstein, 2007). The diploma or degree level educations act pathways to higher education opportunities; the levels acts as the prerequisites that are necessary for an individual to join the next level in an educational hierarchy, the entry level to pursue the higher education opportunities are determined with the previous levels of education. Therefore, the diploma or college degree offers pathways for one to pursue higher education.

High rate of unemployment and stiff competition, financial success, personal growth, and satisfaction

High school diploma or a college level degree places the individual in a the competitive positions by adding value to the personal competency in the job positions, for instance, in the job interviews, the employers knocks out a good number of applicants based on the level of education and thus, having ascertain the levels place one in a relative market competitive advantage (Kumar, 2008). According to the information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, high school dropouts have a median of the weekly earnings of $471 while the school diploma or college degree have a minimum of $652, significantly, it would mean that the higher the level of education, the higher the financial success for an individual (United States. Department of Labour, 2011).  The Education Commissions information, the high school graduates and college graduate are less likely to engage in the criminal activities, the high school and college level degree offers personal growth and gratification that places the individuals in a more competitive end and more opportunities to improve the prospects.

In essence, it is absolutely right to hold that the high school diploma or college degree is a necessity for success in the today’s world while presenting the opportunities for career development, furthering education, equitable job opportunity, high levels of income and financial success, personal growth and satisfaction, ability to be competitive in the changing environment, thus, determining the success rate of an individual.

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