November 23, 2016

Family Planning Rights

Family planning refers to undertaking measures to ensure the right size of a family by the parents. Family planning methods limit the number of children according to preference of the parents. To engage in family planning, one understands his or her ability in sustaining the lives he can manage. It is the right of the parents to practice whichever family planning method of their choice in regards to their financial stability. By the government interfering with the family planning rights, the government is interfering with the rights of the people violating their rights. The function of this paper is to show why the government should not interfere with the family planning rights of parents.


Proper family planning methods ensure a healthy nation (Basavanthappa, 2008, p. 907). The family planning methods enable the parents to raise a sizeable number of kids. Without the methods, the parents get a higher number of kids and incase of the financial problems, the parents lack the ability to educate the children or offer them their fundamental right to education. Every family has a fundamental reason for consulting the services of the family planning procedure. Some of the family planning methods such as the use of condoms prevent the sexually transmitted infections (Kalichman, 2014, p. 31). By using the procedures, the parents protect one another from any infection. Before using the family planning method, the parents understand the risks involved hence the use of the family planning methods. By interfering with the procedure, the government will be risking the lives of the couples and playing part to the spreading of the infections.

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