September 9, 2016

Fast Food Nation

Nowadays,  methods for preparing fast food are not  likely to be found in many cookbooks than in trade journals, including Food Technology. Apart from tomatoes and salad greens most fast food is normally delivered to the restaurant already frozen or canned.

The final stage in highly complex company of mass production is fast food kitchen. Most food which look so familiar and popular can be easily be reformulated. This has led to change of the kind of food we eat currently. Most technology are being involved in the preparation of the food, thus changing its taste and sometimes improving the quality.


In Colorado Spring, plastic seats is said to be changing the landscape outside the window. It is said that the extra ordinary raise of Colorado Springs has parallels, specifically, that of the fast food industry.  For the last few decades, the population of the city has doubled. For instance, features such as shopping malls are now appearing in the foothills of Cheyenne Mountain.

Additionally, fast food is now common in every palace. This has made it inevitable due to modern style of living. The political policy, prevailing so much of the West, with its demand in lower taxes and smaller government, has resulted into total contradiction to the true economic development.

Finally, none of the region in United States is so dependent, especially, on government subsidies for so long. While publicly we support for the free market, the fast food have quietly pursued and greatly benefited from a wide variety of government subsidies.

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