September 12, 2016

Food Labeling

Branding, labeling and packaging of any product plays a significant role to determine its success in the market. The packaging and labeling should be attractive physically creating a purchasing desire by potential customers (Agariya, Johari, Sharma, Singh, & Chandraul, 2012). If you are contemplating on how to market your product, then you must determine the key information to pass through branding and labeling. This essay aims at determining the amount of information one should include on food labels.


The information on food labels explains its contents. They ought to be well explained and detailed since they create the first impression about a product. Some of the crucial information that have to be included in a food label include;

Ingredient list

Food products need to have a list of its ingredients on the label from the largest to the smallest in terms of weight. The key things to look for are added sugar, combinations of fat, carbohydrates, added salt, alcohol and proteins (National Health and Medical Research Council, 2012).

Nutrition information panel and percentage daily intake

This panel helps you to make a choice on the healthiest food. It shows information on fat saturation, kilojoules, the amount of fiber per serve and the level of added sugar and salt. Some food labels use this part to show the amount of the food that an adult need per day to ensure a healthy living (National Health and Medical Research Council, 2012).

Health claims

This part associates the food product to a certain health effect. A general level health claim refers to a product’s effect on health. On the other hand, a high-level health claim refers the nutrient or food product to a certain serious disease.

The above details are the most vital in any food label that the manufacturer have to include. However, the firm is not limited to this information only. Manufacturing date and expiry date of the product is also paramount to the consumers.

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