September 6, 2016

Foreign language instruction should begin in kindergarten

Foreign languages no doubt prove pivotal in the lives of students at some point. However, the acquisitions of such languages are often accompanied by varying challenges begging the question; when should foreign languages instructions begin? One school of thought believes the instructions of such languages should begin in Kindergarten while the other school of thought believes it should start in later stages (Mondahl, 2005).

A diverse group of preschoolers in a classroom

In my opinion, I believe foreign language instruction should begin in kindergarten. I hold this viewpoint based on three perspectives. The first perspective concerns the adaptability of the brain in the young age. It has been observed that at young ages, the brain is easily adaptable to vocabularies hence this means the children will easily embrace the foreign language (Mondahl, 2005). The second perspective behind this observation is that at the Kindergarten level, the children are not discriminative what language is good hence; the mental block that some students develop against foreign languages will be eliminated. In other words, introducing the instruction of foreign language at the Kindergarten level eliminates the language barrier difficulties experienced when the introduction is done in later stages (Byrnes, 2006). Lastly, the introduction of foreign language learning at the kindergarten gives teachers the opportunity to assess the abilities of students to master the foreign languages at an early stage. On their part, proponents contend that introducing foreign languages at kindergarten interferes with the native language. This view is biased considering that a study by Byrnes (2006), showed that the proficiency of students who started to learn foreign languages at Kindergarten were higher than their counterparts who started to learn the languages at grade 5. As such, foreign language learning should be introduced in Kindergarten.

One Comment on “Foreign language instruction should begin in kindergarten

Mark Walker
October 18, 2016 at 5:37 am

Nice statement! I agree with it! As for me, as earlier you start learning something as deeper you will know it in future.


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