November 23, 2016

Foreign Language Instruction in Kindergarten

In the current generation, teaching more than one foreign language to children is important. Most parents believe that teaching foreign languages to children is necessary, especially during their early stages of learning. Personally, I agree that foreign language should begin in kindergarten, and this paper will provide three main reasons that support this motion.


Realistically, teaching children a new language helps them in brain development, and according to recent studies, children experience the processes of coding and decoding naturally. They learn this through conversing, reading, inscribing and listening to foreign languages. Consequently, more connections take place between the neurons, which is an significant aspect in brainpower development (McLaughlin, 2013). In addition, the mind of young children is like a sponge naturally since it obtains vocabulary quicker and easily as compared to adults. Therefore, the earlier children are taught foreign languages, the faster they become skilled at them, the better they understand and the better they become.

Secondly, social skills or networks are truly important when it comes to societal issues, and by learning foreign languages, children can enter a wider cultural world. Furthermore, teaching children a foreign language enables them to understand other cultures, which is educational as well (Donato & Tucker, 2010). Socially, it possible for children to bond and become friends with other children who are native speakers of a particular foreign language.

Professionally, learning a foreign language at a tender age increases the chances of children to secure an employment chance in their future days. Knowing a foreign language is advantageous in the current world and highly on demand due to the expansion of globalization, therefore, teaching children foreign languages in kindergarten enables them to understand deeper different cultures which is an added advantage in the job market.

In conclusion, I believe that teaching children a foreign language in kindergarten is important and it should be recommended.

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