September 5, 2016

Growing Economies and Environmental Degradation

This essay seeks to discuss how damage to the environment is an inevitable consequence to the worldwide improvements in the standard of living. In an effort to come up with a logical and appropriate discussion, the essay takes into account a number of sources. The article starts with an overview of the matter at hand after which it narrows down to engage in the real discussion.


In the current times, pollution poses as one of the greatest challenges to humankind, and it is the main cause of the acid rains and global warming issues which cause major damages to the environment in growing economies. Environmentalism and economics have a very close relationship and it takes the efforts of both the economists and the environmentalists to make the world a better place. Economic growth is as important to the world as environmental conservation. Hence, it is important to try and come up with solutions that help strike a balance in the way of living, both in terms of living in a suitable environment and ensuring improved living standards.

Some economists believe that improvement in the environment comes as a result of economic growth. On the other hand others affirm that economic growth results in environmental degradation. However, it is more logical to believe that the two, environmental degradation and economic growth, go hand in hand.

A rapid increase in production and consumption is the first cause of environmental pollution and it results into a number of negative aspects, for example, increased air and noise pollution in the respective surroundings. However, rapid production and consumption is part and parcel of a progressive world and thus is inevitable.

Road congestion is the second cause of environmental degradation in growing economies. The environmental damages that show up affect people’s quality of life and thus it becomes impossible to maintain their justifiable rate of growth. Road transport contributes a lot towards economic growth and development. The world needs to grow and thus the problem of congestion is unavoidable.

Exploitation of natural resources is the third point. Humans exploit natural resources in an effort to improve their living standards. Human satisfaction calls for more exploitation of the available natural resources. Exploitation of these resources contributes to environmental degradation, but is at the same time a way to boost economic growth and is thus unavoidable. Environmental degradation and the growing economies go hand in hand.

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