November 23, 2016

High-Level Jobs for Women

I disagree with the notion that the government should set a certain percentage of high-level jobs for women based on the fact that men hold most of these jobs. This is a breach of justice for man. If a person meets the qualifications required for the job position, then he or she should be given a chance and not based by gender.


A high-level job requires a person with excellent management skills. If a man can be a good manager based on his experience then, the man should get the job. If a woman has great management skills, then she should be the one holding the position. This is because this level needs a person who can perform well to ensure that the mission and the vision of the company or organization are achieved.

A leadership skill is another important factor that must be taken into consideration for high-level jobs. This is because a leader understands his/her clients well and makes quick decisions when a need arises. A person who meets this qualification should be the one to hold the job position irrespective of the sex.

Discrimination based on gender or sex can lead to loss or order in the society. A democratic government should treat her citizens equally for peace and stability to prevail. The citizens must be hired based on their qualifications and not by gender.

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