September 15, 2016


Technological advancement shows the level of dexterity us humans are capable. This progress has significantly improved communication and access to information by reducing its complexity. It is now possible to access innumerable content online from the comfort of your home. It, however, cannot entirely replace written word as the primary source of information.


Research is an important part of education. Active learning requires the best and most reliable source of information. The majority of the people believe that the internet has entirely replace written literature as the primary source of information. Some, however, would disagree. Printed content is in my view the most powerful research tool since it is least prone to plagiarism and tend to be more comprehensive compared to online content. (Harkaway, 2014)

Books in most cases are more reliable than some electronic sources. Nowadays any person can concoct web-based information for meager amounts or even free of charge; this makes the contents of many websites trivial or inaccurate at best. Books, on the other hand, especially those published by reputable publishers tend to be more trustworthy since they undergo a process of rigorous selection, editing and proof-reading. (Zhang et al, 2014)

There is, however, a surge in the use of electronic material all over the globe, which has been propelled by many reasons. Not everyone, however, has easy access to the internet. In third world countries, many learners lack access to the web let alone electricity or electronic devices. They, therefore, rely on written materials such as books, magazines, periodicals, and the like as their primary reference since they are what is available. (Harkaway, 2014)

It is thus important to note that the Internet has improved access to information for many people and made it easy to access and even publish content for many writers. Written materials will however not be replaced by any advancement as the primary source of information. The two will always be used together synergistically.

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