September 1, 2016

News quality

A newspaper consists of just the same number of words, whether there be any news in it or not.

Henry Fielding

This satirical comment by Henry Fielding is not mere words spoken in an attempt to be

sarcastic but is indeed the bare truth which many of us foresee. News channels and newspapers

have a long way to go in order to satiate the unquenchable thirst that we have in knowing the


Newspaper (1)

The broadcasting centers are governed by the news editors who have the discretion to choose

the best possible news coverage. And in this present scenario, when there is a rise and decline

effect in the world economy, all the companies would look for a ‘competitive advantage’. And

in order to get a ‘competitive advantage’, the editors of these broadcasting and information

centers go a long way in assimilating ‘scoop’ for the viewers/readers. The big wigs in the society

in collaboration with goons hold a major share in manipulating the different news broadcasted.

Not to forget the game of ‘Television Rating Point’ which presumably determines the

quality and sensation of the news covered. Gone are the days when news channels and

newspapers were considered as a perfect source of information. Now we find a lot of publicity

stunts made by the news channels in the form of ‘breaking news’, ‘exclusive coverage’ etc in

order to retain its viewers/readers.

The Indian Constitution has instituted the “Freedom of Expression” in Article 19(1)(a) which

is presumably used by the press to mould any news into a gripping sensational one, much to the

taste of the tech savvy, insensitive human beings that we are.

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