November 23, 2016

Reasons for Alternative Forms of Transport

The world has gone through rapid urbanization and motorization in recent decades. This has seen the influx of privately owned cars into major cities and towns across the world. Rapid motorization also created many social, economic and environmental problems, posing serious challenges to the sustainable development of large cities (Martin, 2009). Therefore, public transportation as an alternative form of transport should be considered to replace private cars in developed countries across the globe.  Additionally, international laws and regulations should be implemented to control private ownership of cars based on the following reasons:


Severe traffic congestion in central cities

As the automobile industry expands at an unprecedented pace, private ownership of automobiles has also increased significantly. Besides, public services are more accessible and are of higher quality in the traditional central districts compared to other places (Shirgaokar, 2012). This uneven distribution obstructs the smooth decentralization of the population, which in turn creates hurdles for urban development and severe traffic congestion in central cities (Shirgaokar, 2012). To alleviate these problems, maintain economic vitality, and achieve long term sustainability, a necessary step is to control the demand for automobiles at its source.

Increased Environmental pollution due to rapid motorization

To begin with, environmental challenges have been on unprecedented rice, chiefly because of the increased carbon emissions from cars (Shirgaokar, 2012). Air pollution has been attributed to the emission of toxic and harmful gases. This form of environmental degradation can only be curbed when stringent measures are put in place to regulate private ownership of cars.

Public Health Concerns

According to Martin (2009), many cities have invested heavily in building public transit infrastructure, and upgraded policies to encourage people to take buses and subways. This is in promotion of a healthier environment free from pollutants associated with heavy motorization. This has also seen the emergence of electric vehicles and trains as an alternative form of transport, which is considered safer compared to automobiles.

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